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Offering an innovative and modern approach to legal services. Founded through hands-on experience in the arts, business and technology. 

Misasi Legal

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Misasi Legal serves and supports artists, content creators, athletes, businesses, and organizations across Ontario with expert guidance on legal and business matters at all stages of growth. 

INNOVATE, Kenyan Mancala


Practice Areas

Legal Services

Business Law

Misasi Legal assists start-ups, businesses and organizations at and throughout all stages of growth.  

Entertainment Law

Misasi Legal assists artists and creatives in protecting their business, their work, their brand and identity while supporting their growth.

Sports Law

Misasi Legal assists athletes and organizations with advertising and marketing strategies, endorsement and sponsorship agreements, and athlete representation.

Intellectual Property Law

Misasi Legal assists in creating and implementing an Intellectual Property strategy for you or your business.

Notary Public and Document Review

Misasi Legal provides a variety of services including notarizing, commissioning, witnessing, and certifying documents.

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Erika Misasi

Founder and Principal Lawyer 

Erika Misasi provides practical and responsive legal advice informed by industry knowledge. She assists individuals, teams, and organizations in navigating and bridging the gap between their respective industry and the legal world.

Contact Us

Email: /  Tel: (647) 297-5007  


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