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Entertainment Law

Misasi Legal assists artists and creatives in protecting their business, their work, their brand and identity by assisting in facilitation of their growth while ensuring that their assets remain protected.

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Whether you’re collaborating in content creation, are subject to an online beat licencing agreement, or signing a record deal, an entertainment lawyer is a vital member of your team.  


What is an entertainment lawyer? 


An entertainment lawyer has expertise in various areas of the law, including contract law, intellectual property law, and corporate law, as it relates to the entertainment industry. 


Whether you’re a creative or work in the entertainment industry, an entertainment lawyer will advise on contractual issues, assist entertainment industry professionals navigate the industry, provide important career advice and expertise, and act as a strategic advisor on all legal and business matters. 


Why do I need an entertainment lawyer? 


If you’re involved in the entertainment industry you should consider working with an entertainment lawyer for a variety of reasons:  

  • when entering into or negotiating terms of a contract; 

  • for expertise on establishing and protecting your intellectual property rights; 

  • navigating publication and distribution rights; 

  • understanding the process of registering copyright, trademark, and patent applications;

  • when applying for a grant; 

  • notarization or authentication of documents; 

  • when a contractual breach occurs; 

  • a dispute over intellectual property; and 

  • you’re involved in a lawsuit. 


What does an entertainment lawyer do? 


An entertainment lawyer will: 

  • navigate the negotiation process;

  • draft agreements;

  • advise on legal and business matters; 

  • answer industry related questions; 

  • establish intellectual property rights;

  • protect intellectual property rights;

  • represent client’s best interests;

  • pursue legal action; and

  • network. 

If you are looking to speak with an entertainment lawyer, or have any questions, you can contact us via email at, Instagram at @misaslegal, or phone at 647-297-5007. 

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