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Google Cloud Reseller
Partner Services 

Misasi Legal supports and assists Google Cloud Reseller Partners and Service Partners in understanding, articulating and creating the terms and agreements necessary to establish the reseller-customer/partner-customer relationship. With extensive experience in Google Reseller and Partner specific matters, Misasi Legal provides its clients with insights on the Google-Reseller/Google-Partner relationships, knowledge of Google’s various terms and conditions, templates and reviews of customer facing Reseller and Partner T&Cs and Agreements, and industry-informed legal and business advice.


Types of Agreements

  • API Agreements 

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Resale Agreements 

  • GCP Commit Resale Agreements 

  • Google Workspace Agreements 

  • Google Voice Terms Disclaimers  

  • Google Chrome Agreements 

  • Hardware/Software Return Policies

Areas of Focus

  • The Reseller Relationship 

  • Flow-Down/Flow-Through Concepts

  • IP Ownership 

  • Licensing 

  • Liability 

  • Indemnification 

  • Associated Google Terms and Agreements

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