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Updated: Jun 14, 2022

in·​no·​vate | \ ˈi-nə-ˌvāt \ | to make changes : to do something in a new way.

Kenyan Mancala

Innovation is about conducting research and development, creating and improving processes, updating products and services, and generating new ideas. It encapsulates a philosophy of work that focuses on continuous advancement and improvement, and problem-solving in uncommon ways.

Innovation responds to change creatively. How can an organization, collective, or individual respond to change in a creative way?

A business can:

Implement new strategies to deliver products and services to customers more effectively and efficiently.

Modernize through its use of technology to update processes and improve the client experience.

Introduce new concepts or new ways of doing business to remain competitive in the market.

An artist can:

Implement strategies to effectively retain fanbase and increase engagement across platforms.

Implement data analytics provided on different platforms to strategically market work and products.

Engage in alternative methods of structuring deals.

Innovate. Create. Protect. Grow.


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