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Updated: Jun 14, 2022

pro·​tect | \ prə-ˈtekt \ | to maintain the status or integrity of, especially through financial or legal guarantees such as : to save from contingent financial loss : to foster or shield from infringement or restriction.

Vancouver Gates

Protecting your innovation, creation, brand, business, and works should be of top priority to you.

Why is Protection Important?

It attracts investors - There is something concrete for them to invest in.

It helps in securing funding - Financial institutions don’t lend on the basis of an idea.

It facilitates longevity - You are in control of your assets and how they are used.

It helps sustain business - Ownership of your business’s assets enables economic gain.

It promotes further innovation and creation - Access to resources enables innovation and creation through further research and development.

It helps to prevent fraud - Your rights are protected, no one can take ownership of what is legally yours.

Protection perpetuates growth.

Innovate. Create. Protect. Grow.


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