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Meet Misasi Legal

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Misasi Legal serves and supports businesses, organizations, artists, and athletes across Ontario with expert guidance on legal and business matters at all stages of growth. Offering an innovative and modern approach to legal services. Founded through hands-on experience in business, technology, and the arts.

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Erika Misasi

Founder and Principal Lawyer Erika Misasi provides practical and responsive legal advice informed by industry knowledge. She assists individuals, teams, and organizations in navigating and bridging the gap between their respective industry and the legal world.

Founder and Principal Lawyer Erika Misasi

Prior to the launch of Misasi Legal, Erika was a legal advisor at an IT start-up where she created the organization's legal framework, and provided legal advice on a variety of matters.

Erika is licensed to practice law in the province of Ontario and holds membership with the Law Society of Ontario, the Canadian Bar Association, and the Ontario Bar Association.

Outside of Misasi Legal, Erika spends her time following the sport of basketball, curating her music collection, and taking photographs.

Contact Erika by email at, phone 647-297-5007, at and @misasilegal.


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